1976-77 J.C. Chatmas Marlin Daily Democrat



J.C. Chatmas Jr. entered the newspaper world only 11 years before becoming Texas Press Association’s 99th president.

He began as publisher of the Marlin Daily Democrat in 1965 following the death of his friend, publisher Hyman L. "Hy" Fortinberry Jr.

Chatmas’ father operated three theaters in Marlin and he served an intense apprenticeship in the business, and received a degree in business at Texas A&M University.

He entered the U.S. Army Air Corps as a flying cadet in 1940, and after receiving his pilot wings married Maxine Whitten. He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel during World War II.

He received the 1974 Mark Francis Award for Journalistic Excellence from the Texas Veterinary Medical Association for the Democrat’s reporting of that year’s cattle anthrax outbreak in Falls County.

He served as a director of Texas Daily Newspaper Association.

He had three children. He died Jan. 6, 2007 (full obituary)