1894-95 Col. Frank P. Holland Texas Farm & Ranch



Col. Frank P. Holland, 15th president, was born in Galveston Sept. 22, 1852.

He attended Galveston schools and spent one year in a Connecticut college.

His first newspaper work was in 1881 when he became business manager of Texas Siftings, a humorous paper edited by Alex Sweet and J. Amory Knox.

When Sweet and Knox moved publication to New York, Col. Holland established the Farm and Ranch in Austin but the paper moved to Dallas in 1885.

In 1905, Holland’s Magazine made its appearance. Nearly $1 million was spent on the publication before it became self-sustaining.

Col. Holland and Pamelia D. Allen were married at Christmas 1877. They had five children.

Col. Holland served as Dallas mayor in 1895-96.

He joined Texas Press Association in 1886. He died Jan. 18, 1928.