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Big tech wants to help journalism. What’s that mean for creative storytelling and the user experience? | Knight Lab | Northwestern University

This year, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snapchat and Apple all released new news aggregation and presentation features and apps for mobile. There are so many new ways to get your daily dose of news and information that it can be overwhelming to figure out what to use. To help, here’s a brief summary of each one along with a few thoughts about what they offer–or don’t–to consumers and publishers:

Stunner: Newspapers may be rebounding |

It’s a question that’s long plagued newspapers: When will advertising finally bottom out? What was once a $50 billion industry has seen ad spending shrink to under $20 billion, and many forecasters are predicting further contraction, to $15 billion by 2018. But what if those forecasts are wrong. What if newspaper ad spending has not just stabilized but is actually growing? Source: Stunner: Newspapers may be rebounding |