Joe Henderson: I'm proud to be a newspaper guy | Tampa Bay Times

Some people want to teach, or coach, or wear a suit and make important decisions. I wanted nothing more from my professional career than to be known as a newspaper guy. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.


Think carefully before posting the ‘final word’

By Jim Pumarlo

A mayor takes issue with an editorial that criticized a city council action, calling your facts into question. Irate parents challenge your decision – your right – to report their son didn’t dress for the basketball game because he was suspended for violating school policy. A pastor is critical of an ad you accepted for publication, saying it was in poor taste.

Whitmire recognized as Champion of Transparency

Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, was recognized as a "champion of transparency" Tuesday by the Texas Press Association.

The newspaper group presented the award to Whitmire in recognition of his passage of Senate Bill 308 in the 84th Texas Legislature. The bill applied the state's public information laws to campus police departments at private universities.

Texas Center For Community Journalism “Do you think newspapers are endangered?” A community journalism perspective

One rural publisher, in a speech to a journalism conference, put it THIS way:  “To our readers, we are not the newspaper, we are their newspaper. Down the block at Rogers Mini Stop, we sell more than a hundred papers every week. If our press run is late we get frantic calls from the Rogers family. They have a store full of irate customers who want their papers now…. We all know the traditional reasons — the little stories that never would be considered ‘news’ anyplace else. Our readers really care about those things.”