Computer Lab Class Descriptions
Thursday, 04 December 2008 11:39
Hands-on training for members of Texas Press Association

PhotoShop for Newspapers (or How to make better halftones with Photoshop CS6)

Graphics 101 (Vectors vrs. Pixels)
Resolution (How many Pixels do I need?)
Input Resolution (How to pick the best scanner or digital cameras)
Simple Selection Tools (Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand)
Advance Selection Tools (Quick Mask, Paintbrush, etc.)
Tools for Painting an Image
Tools for Toning an Image (color correcting images)
Setup a monitor for press dot gain.
Tools for correcting dust and scratches
Scanning Basics
What to look for in Scanner Software
When to use the Type Tool
Channel Basics
Layer Basic

Introduction to MacOS X 10.9.2

Users and Group Permissions
Classic Environment and Applications
The User Interface
The Dock
Printing Setups
Missing Features
Managing Fonts
Network Setups
The Teminal and Basic UNIX

Adobe InDesign CS6 for Newspapers

Creating a New Document
Opening a Document
Understanding the Tools & Palettes
The Control Palette
Working with Text
Working with Images
Libraries & Templates
Master Pages
Preference Setup
Graphics 101 (Vectors vrs. Pixels and Resolution)
Basics of Postscript Printing and Halftones
Understanding Basic Dot Grain

Adobe Acrobat XI for Newspapers

Creating a PDF Documents
Modifiing a PDF Documents
Understanding the Tools & Menu
Preference Setup
Understanding Fonts
Making EPS files with Fonts
Training your Advertisiers to make Good PDFs
Setup for Printing and Halftones
Howto transfer PDF files

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Basics for Newspapers

Creating a HTML Documents
Modifiing a HTML Documents
Understanding the Tools & Menu
Preference Setup
Understanding Fonts
Understanding Tables
Understanding Networks
Starting a new website
Transfering files using FTP
Making Small graphics using Photoshop
Basics of Databases