Publication Frequency
Monday, 06 January 2003 14:49

Keep in mind that if your stated frequency is Wednesday you still must publish, change your frequency or enter your mail early (Tuesday) and date it Wednesday.

If your frequency is weekly, and you normally publish on Wednesday, just mail some time during the week.

If you have a frequency of weekly, 52 times a year, and want to have Christmas off, you have several options:

1) Change frequency.

2) Note the word publish. It does not mean you must mail, you could publish a two-page newspaper (front and back sheet), have three copies printed, two for your record and one for the post office, this would meet the requirement of maintaining your established frequency! The two-page publication must meet all the requirements; title, volume number, masthead information (identification statement) and a short memo to the post office stating you are filing your marked copy with them to prove frequency of publishing, and that the issue was not mailed.

3) Write the post office a memo stating that you will not be able to publish at your stated frequency because of staffing problems during the Christmas week. This may cause the post office to send you a letter, stating the requirements of meeting your established frequency. This should not be a habitual way of changing your frequency.