Impermissible Mailpiece Components
Saturday, 06 September 2003 14:48

Regardless of preparation or characteristics, or otherwise meeting the standards stated above, the materials described below are not eligible for the Periodical rates.

• A separate price or subscription instructions different from those of the host publication.

• The word “catalog.”

• A First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, or Package Service permit imprint.

• An ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

• An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) or USPS number different from that of the host publication.

• Products that may not be mailed at Periodicals rates.

• Examples include stationery (such as pads of paper or blank printed forms); cassettes; floppy disks; merchandise; and wall, desk, and blank calendars. Printed pages, including oversized pages and calendars, are not considered products if they are not offered for sale.

• Package Services (parcels) may not be combined with a Periodical publication.