Postal reviews still available
Friday, 06 October 2006 14:21

The postal reviews I have conducted at more than 300 Texas newspapers have really been a great experience for me. I cannot express how great it is to receive the friendly and sincere welcome I received at each newspaper.

However, I did not receive this welcome when I was auditing the U.S. Postal Service, a very pleasant change. I have reviewed about three-fourths of the newspapers in Texas during the past year and a half.

Texas is a very large state and requires many hours (days) to travel and visit each paper so I would like to schedule visits with newspapers based on need for those facing problems with the USPS.

To qualify for a visit, I will need the following information from your newspaper:

1 A copy of your postal report (completed report, returned from the post office).

2 A copy of your PS Form 3553, the CASS certification, if mailing carrier route copies.

3 The actual sack labels you place on each sack. This may require generating an extra set of labels.

4 The required postal documentation that you submit with each mailing. (Postage statements must be supported by documentation produced by PAVE-certified software or standardized documentation under P012 of the Domestic Mail Manual).

One of the problems I have found in my reviews is that some post offices are not allowing newspapers the correct postage rate for foreign copies. The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) part P200.1.3 states, "The mailer is responsible for proper payment of postage. Postage must be full prepaid before Periodicals mailings are dispatched. The publisher must ensure that all information on postage statements is correct and that all copies qualify for the rates claimed."