Important Postal Records
Wednesday, 06 August 2003 14:17

Important postal records that newspapers should have on hand and in a secure place:

• Original Authorization (This was difficult to obtain, protect it.)

• Changes to the original authorization (frequency, title, additional entry and exceptional dispatch offices)

• A copy of the last Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation (PS Form 3526)

• Any instructions or correspondence from your post office concerning the newspaper delivery or preparation (Remember you want instructions in writing.)

Postal Reports

• Keep a separate folder for each year, in chronological order. If you pay postage at two or more post offices for a newspaper, have a separate folder for each account.

• Keep a folder for documentation/CASS certification (Form 3553) for each postage statement.


• The publisher must keep records for each issue of a publication for three years from its issue date.

Printed Sheets

Periodical publications must be formed of printed sheets.

Electronic or e-mail subscribers may not be counted as part of paid circulation.