I hate shrink-wrap for inserting the newspaper
Friday, 06 January 2006 14:13

Q: I hate shrink-wrap for inserting the newspaper (more for the landfill), but we receive better delivery and fewer claims for ripped and tom issues. Are there any alternatives?

A: Shrink-wrap is one option for a wrapper. For other options, the Domestic Mail Manual, (DMM) C200. 1.7, states, "A mail ing wrapper is an envelope, sleeve, partial wrapper or Polywrap used to enclose the mail piece. Advertising, non-advertising or both may be printed on the cover or protective cover. The cover and protective cover on a publication

are included when measuring advertising percentage." Section C200.3.3 and 3.4 covers "Without Mailing Wrapper" and "With Mailing Wrapper" requirements, respectively.

Under the subject of "Paper Bags and Wraps," the DMJvI refers to section C010.3.3 "For easy loads up to 5 pounds, paper bags and wraps are acceptable when at least a 50-pound basis weight (the strength of an average large grocery bag) and the items are immune from impact or pressure damage. A combination of plies adding up to or exceeding 50- pound basis weight is not accept able. Easy and average loads of up to 20 pounds, reinforced bag or bags with a minimum of 70-pound basis weight are acceptable. Nonreinforced loose-fill padded bags are not acceptable as exterior containers, unless the exterior ply is a least 60-pound basis weight.