Electronic Publication Watch
Friday, 06 January 2006 14:10
The U.S. Postal Service has announced a new service to help track complaints online, the Electronic Publication Watch. If your newspaper receives complaints about late delivery, the Electronic Publication Watch may be the answer.
Do you want that complaint tracked? Do you want to bring this complaint to the attention of the delivery supervisor? The Postal Service is making it easier for you to communicate your concerns and, at the same time, establish trends and analyze data.
Mailers now will be able to turn to the web-based Electronic Publication Watch System, or ePubwatch.
Mailers simply log on to the World Wide Web at epubwatch.usps.gov and enter their information on a subscriber’s complaint form. New users must sign up and register first.
Mailers can use the Publishers’ Complaint Tracking page to maintain their own database. By entering every complaint, mailers also will assist the Postal Service in identifying problem areas and delivery service trends.
If the subscriber continues to have a problem, the mailer has the option of requesting an electronic publication watch.
The complaint is then forwarded electronically to one of 7,500 delivery units that will be part of the system. They’ll be notified of an ePubwatch request by a flashing siren on their computer screens.
"The Postal Service stated they are committed to providing mailers with timely feedback," said John Rapp, vice president of delivery. "And our definition of real time is that delivery units will get the information as soon as the mailer enters it."
To access the ePublication Watch System users must submit an ePublication Watch Web Access Request Form. Contact the National Customer Support Center (NCSC), 1-877-640-0724, to obtain an informational packet regarding the ePublication Watch System. Or, you can download it online, fill it out and fax it to the NCSC at 901-681-4521.