2 newspapers + 1 mailing = less $
Friday, 06 August 2004 14:09

Publishers who publish more than one newspaper can save money on postage costs through combined mailings.

The U.S. Postal Service allows publishers of multiple newspapers to merge copies either during production or after finished copies are produced to achieve the finest presort level or to reduce the per-piece charge.

This benefit even applies when the newspapers are being distributed to different cities.

Here’s how. Certain software programs include a feature that will separate the mail required to be dropped at each office and combine the remaining pieces into a single mail stream. The software will create a postage statement for the combined mailing and for the separate mailings.

Newspapers also may be able to capture additional firm packages for even more savings. This fine presorting also will improve delivery time for customers.

Check with your software vendor to see if this feature exists. Some software packages on the market will do this task, often saving more than $2,000 a year.