No More Bad Addresses
Thursday, 06 October 2005 12:43
Last week I was attending a Postal Consumer Council meeting in San Antonio and I met Ruth Jones, a postal manager who worked in address management in Memphis, Tenn. She and I discussed why bad addresses were used and how to correct them. 
The Postal Service address look-up link is now delivery point validation (DPV) operational. The DPV system assists mailers in obtaining accurate delivery address information and facilitates identification of erroneous addresses contained in mailer address files. 
Mailer use of DPV will help to reduce the amount of undeliverable as addressed pieces, which in turn will result in more efficient postal mail processing and delivery. 
Customers will receive their newspapers on time. (We hope)!  The first time you receive an address from a customer please check it against the DPV system Web site.