2012 Texas Better Newspaper Contest - News Photos
Monday, 18 June 2012 21:29

Division 2
Dailies 7,000 to 99,999

1. The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches: “Life savers” by Andrew Brosig – Beautiful, emotional pic. Great composition. “Vehicle crash” by Andrew Brosig – Great composition/centerline. Great pics! This was the toughest division!

2. New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung: “The River Wild” by Laura McKenzie – Great symmetry. “Ban Stands” by Shawn Lewis – Great emotion. Good composition. Great pics! This was the toughest division! Good use of headlines.

3. Odessa American: “In Need of Assistance” by Heather Leiphart – Very sad. Evokes emotion. Good pic. “Wind whips up wildfires” by Albert Cesare – Raw emotion. Wonderful pic. Great pics! This was the toughest division.

4. Victoria Advocate: “4 Children Dead” by Todd Krainin – Wonderful photo. Great emotion, composition and light. “Two men injured …” by Angeli Wright – Good composition. Great pics! This was the toughest division.


Division 3
Dailies Less Than 7,000

1. Athens Daily Review: “Henderson County wildfires!” by Lange Svehlak – Nice composition – foreground interesting as well as background. “Time of closure” by Jeff Riggs – Good composition.

2. Jacksonville Daily Progress: “Dangling worker” by Faith Harper – Great action (or lack thereof)! “Sunday wreck” by Janet Gregg – Tragic reality.

3. Waxahachie Daily Light: “Some gave all” by Chad Wilson – Touching. “After the fire” by JoAnn Livingston – Nice way to show town/fire area – good view. Don’t like the headline on photo.

4. Taylor Daily Press: “Plane” by Mike Eddleman – Nice action. “Truck overturned” by Erin Green – Good composition. Would like to see larger.


Division 4
Semiweeklies 4,001 or More

1. The Williamson County Sun, Georgetown: “Service set in stone” by Andy Sharp – Good composition. Tells of old veteran without showing face. “Morton embraces freedom” by Andrew McLemore – So compelling. Beautiful emotion.

2. Beeville Bee-Picayune: “Police save dog” by Gary Kent – Good composition. Shows story of dog/boy/police.  “Reflection of service” by Jason Collins – Different way of showing face in reflection.

3. The Bastrop Advertiser: “Catastrophic” by Terry Hagerty – Awesome clouds/light. “Teacher of Year” by Eric Betts – Great emotion shown.

4. Wise County Messenger, Decatur: “Construction worker killed” by Joe Duty – Good composition, color and emotion. “Murder charge” by Joe Duty – Different way of showing scene. Adds an unspoken barrier.


Division 5
Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less

1. Breckenridge American: “The Aftermath” by Rob Durham – Good composition. Unique, stark look for aftermath. “Floating Frontier” by Rob Durham – Fun and different look at a common dunking booth at a festival. Both pics are good.

2. Copperas Cove Leader-Press: “7-Eleven” by Azeita Taylor – Unique way of capturing news without action. Colorful. “Dismantling trees” by Azeita Taylor – No comments.

3. Lamesa Press Reporter: “Hot situation” by Russel Skiles – Good pic. “Overcome by heat” by Russel Skiles – Shows human emotion/relief.

4. El Campo Leader-News: “Losing Battle” by Shannon Crabtree – Nice fire photo. Good composition. “Holiday Delight” by Chris Filoteo – Average pic.



Division 6
Large Weeklies

1. The Silsbee Bee: “True Love Lost” by Gerry Dickert – Shows sadness of fatalities and emotion of first responders. “Murder in Kountze” by David Lisenby – Excellent capture of facial expressions and emotion of suspect.

2. Pleasanton Express: “House fire” by David Wickersham – Good illustration of raging fire and a single firefighter’s efforts, which seem futile. “3-vehicle crash” – Good illustration of scene and damage to power line.

3. The Bandera Bulletin: “Sonic ride-thru” by Jessica Hawley-Jerome – Interesting perspective and use of light. “SOO-IE!!!” by Jessica Hawley-Jerome – Excellent capture of motion and escaping pig. Entertaining storytelling.

4. Port Aransas South Jetty: “Sand scenes” by Dan Parker – Humorous composition and expression on artist’s face. “Relay For Life” by Dan Parker – No comments.



Division 7
Medium-Large Weeklies

1. Hays Free Press, Kyle: “Agony of defeat” by Cyndy Slovak-Barton – Excellent depiction of emotion and interaction between teammates. “Marine death” by Sean Kimmons – Excellent capture of sorrow for family with haunting photo of dead marine in casket.

2. The Smithville Times: “Welcome Home, Folks!” by Denis McGinness – Excellent capture of family members’ reaction and excitement of crowd. “Fundraiser for firefighters” by Denis McGinness – Nice colors/silhouettes of firefighters in motion wearing gear.

3. The Navasota Examiner: “Back in time” by Rosemary Smith – Interesting composition with large clock tower in foreground and tiny workers in background. Also shows progress of project. “Courtroom” by Rosemary Smith – Good capture of expression by the victim’s father – composition difficult to achieve in courtroom.

4. The Pittsburg Gazette: “Child endangerment” by Susan Taft – Good composition shows police/police tape, as well as yard with toys and a baby stroller. “Fire” by Kim Cox – Depicts movement of firefighter in precarious situation, standing on a burning roof.


Division 8
Medium Weeklies

1. Meridian Tribune: “Fire/family” by Simone Wichers – Excellent capture of emotion and intensity of the moment. It’s a shame this photo did not run larger on the page! “Memorial Library” by Simone Wichers – Photo illustrates work being done on library but is not clear on what is happening. Good incorporation of elements of construction: man with hard hat, scaffold, etc.

2. Iowa Park Leader: “Dangerous dry” by Kevin Hamilton – Interesting incorporation of local issue with masthead. Keeps focus on citizens affected. “Robertson/Langen” by Kevin Hamilton – Good depiction of boys’ achievements and feeling of pride. Extra-large layout suggests larger than life, which may be a bit overblown for an academic event.

3. The Community News, Aledo: “Grand Opening” by Randy Keck – Captures anticipation in students’ faces. “Together Again” by Katie Martinez – Heartwarming capture of father and son being reunited.

4. Refugio County Press: “Procession” by Kenda Nelson – Interesting incorporation of photo with masthead, but photo appears out of focus. “Lost pet” by Kenda Nelson – Powerful emotion on boy’s face. Nice use of natural light.



Division 9
Small-Medium Weeklies

1. The Farmersville Times: “Fire danger” by Wyndi Veigel – Composition is pleasing to the eye. Nice capture of color of sky and billowing smoke; perspective of sky against small person. “Hwy. 78 accident” by Wyndi Veigel – Good timeliness in response to scene, but overall composition lack creativity.

2. DeLeon Free Press: “A Hot Week” by Jon Awbrey – Excellent capture of motion. Detail of photo shows muscle of animal. Newsprint does not do the photo justice. “Fire” by Jon Awbrey – Good composition. Mist from water creates additional interest, as does second firefighter required to hold water hose.

3. West Kerr Current, Ingram: “Holiday festivities” by Irene Van Winkle – Festive photo depicts holiday season. Overall composition lacks creativity, but good use of motion in children’s feet. “Connected!” by Irene Van Winkle – Interesting perspective and illustration of work being done.

4. The Clarendon Enterprise: “Those who served” by Kari Lindsey – Depicts patriotic event and solemn tone. “Firefighters/heat” by Anndria Newhouse – Nice capture of apparent heat of day, as evidenced by wiping face, red skin and sweaty shirts.


Division 10
Small Weeklies

1. The Eldorado Success: “Fuentes fire” by Kathy Mankin – Great color. Nice silhouettes create interest. “Wreck” by Kathy Mankin – Good illustration of procedure of scene with deputy with notebook interviewing the driver.

2. The Big Lake Wildcat: “Fire” by J.L. Mankin – Great composition and capture of Collins’ preparation. “Blood drive” by J.L Mankin – Good contrast of facial expressions.

3. Wallis News-Review: “Grass fires” by Johnny Griffin – Good composition and use of foreground/background subjects. Water mist creates interest. “Utility truck” by Johnny Griffin – View of law enforcement behind truck gives good perspective in addition to damage the collision caused.

4. The Flatonia Argus: “FVFD training” by Celeste Quintero – Good composition and illustration of scene. A closer shot would have shown more faces.  “TXDOT installs cameras” by Celeste Quintero – Nice perspective of building and contrast of large vehicle against small worker.