2012 Texas Better Newspaper Contest - Feature Photos
Monday, 18 June 2012 21:26

Division 2
Dailies 7,000 to 99,999

1. The Galveston County Daily News: “Dinner is served” by Kevin M. Cox – This photo had me awestruck! Great capture – very impressive! “Dogs rule the park” by Jennifer Reynolds – The shot with girl kissing the dog would have been my choice.

2. The Paris News: “Fun at the fair” by Sam Craft – Great eye for a great shot! Love the colors. “Veterans” by Sam Craft – My favorite of your entries. Look at the shells still in the air! This was a close second.

3. Odessa American: “The call of duty” by Mark Sterkel – Compelling spread! I hope you entered this for feature story! “Preschool Rodeo” by Heather Leiphart – Too stinking cute!

4. The Baytown Sun: “Vietnam wall” by Albert Villegas – Very touching display. “We remember” by Albert Villegas – Fabulous photo. Great angle.

Division 3
Dailies Less Than 7,000

1. Seguin Gazette-Enterprise: “Letting Go” by Felicia Frazar – This was a one-shot shot – and you did it! Great photo filled with emotion! “A Rare Sight” by Felicia Frazar – Tons of joy!

2. Athens Daily Review: “Home at last!” by Jeff Riggs – Moving image. “Cancer survivors” by Art Lanler – Great photo. Makes the reader pause and then they have to read the cutline.

3. Brownwood Bulletin: “Horse and carriage” by Steve Nash – Love the angle. “Freedom” by Steve Nash – Lots of fun!

4. Jacksonville Daily Progress: “Field day fun” by Meagan O’Toole-Pitts – Full of color. Hard shot. Great job! “Christmastime” by Marivel Resendiz – Such joy!

Division 4
Semiweeklies 4,001 or More

1. Wise County Messenger, Decatur: “Wise Reflections” by Joe Duty – Amazing eye for a great photo. Leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. “A Few Good Men” by Joe Duty – Compelling and moving! Very talented photographer!

2. The Williamson County Sun, Georgetown: “Taylor Festival” by Andy Sharp – Good eye for a great shot. “Tent Revival” by Andy Sharp – Great job capturing this in eye – excellent angle!

3. Beeville Bee-Picayune: “The missing guest” by Bill Clough – Good shot. Busy page detracts from image. “Buggies” by Bill Clough – Great pics. Great spread.

4. Uvalde Leader-News: “Landfill project” by Margaret Palermo – Not really a “feature” photo. “Neigh-sayer” by Margaret Palermo – Great shot. Not so great photo. Made me laugh.

Division 5
Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less

1. The Mexia News: “Splashing into summer” by Roxanne McKnight – Lots of muddy fun. “Thirsty birds” by Roxanne McKnight – Great shot. Good use of reflection. Also, a great way to tie in drought issues. We’re all tired of pics of dried crops and creeks. This was very innovative.

2. El Campo Leader-News: “Make Lemonade” by Meredith Bard – Great shot. Love the drive-up service! “Rodeo” by Jay Strasner – Great capture of expression.

3. Copperas Cove Leader-Press: “Pink and Pancakes” by Azeita Taylor – The irony of a 5-year-old wanting to “Save the TaTas!” made this photo compelling. “Shattered Dreams” by Azeita Taylor – Gruesome. I hope they got the message. This is probably what all the other readers thought.

4. The Perryton Herald: “Divers” by Gene Riley – Refreshing fun! “Mr. and Miss PHS” by Gene Riley – Confused …


Division 6
Large Weeklies

1. Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post: “Powwow Wonderment” by Lisa Treiber-Walter – Great photo. Shows his pride in his heritage! “True Grit” by Lisa Treiber-Walter – Good eye for a great shot – increase shutter speed to stop all the actions.

2. The Cleveland Advocate: “Beating the Heat” by Jason Fochtman – Love this photo. Very close second place. “Halloween” by Jason Fochtman – Great job capturing the expression.

3. The Rockdale Reporter: “Play Ball” by Mike Brown – This shot really shows their frustration. “Everything but cannons” by Mike Brown – Reader misses the irony of the cutline. Shot is too busy to be a feature shot.

4. Port Aransas South Jetty: “What kind of fish is that?” by Leslie Willey Jr. – Priceless! “Carrying on” by Dan Parker – Great shot of kids and teamwork!


Division 7
Medium-Large Weeklies

1. Frio-Nueces Current, Pearsall: “Hog tied” by Marc Robertson – Photographer has a great eye for a good shot. “Finest hour …” by Dean Smith – Love the teamwork in this photo – really tells a story.

2. Hays Free Press, Kyle: “Unicycle underdogs” by Wes Ferguson – Great shot! I hope they didn’t land on you! “Wiener by a nose” by Jen Biundo – Fabulous kicker – “Wiener by a nose” – love seeing the dogs leaping in the air.

3. The Smithville Times: “Scary Saturday Stroll” by Denis McGinness – This photo frightened me, too! “Cool Smile” by Denis McGinness – Sweet treat of a photo.

4. The Ellis County Press, Ferris: “God Bless America” by Megan Gray – Moving photo. “Butterflies and a Candy Corn Queen” by Megan Gray – Way to spot a shot.


Division 8
Medium Weeklies

1. Iowa Park Leader: “Spring Break 2011” by Kevin Hamilton – Fabulous use of a fabulous photo! Great job! “Gone fishing” by Kevin Hamilton – Great use of lighting.

2. The Springtown Epigraph: “One Up, One Down” by Mark Campbell – Fabulous capture of expression. “Smoky Sunset” by Mark Campbell – Difficult capture and even more difficult to reproduce on newspaper. Great job.

3. The Community News, Aledo: “Let Freedom Ring” by Randy Keck – Great photo – captures this veteran’s joy! “And the winner is …” by Randy Keck – Again, great job capturing the moment!

4. Irving Rambler: “Floating dragons” by John Starkey – Interesting photo. Great colors. “Rocky Horror” by John Starkey – Wrong photo chosen! Photo of Dr. Frank-N-Furter is so much more compelling!

Division 9
Small-Medium Weeklies

1. The Clarendon Enterprise: “Splish splash!” by Roger Estlack – Delightful photo! Many of us in the South are all trying to find ways to beat the heat! “National Day of Prayer” by Roger Estlack – This photo speaks volumes as these elderly pray for our nation!

2. Cooper Review: “Firemen” by Cindy Roller – This is the shot we all want! “Wheels” by Jim Butler – I wish I could have seen them “rolling!”

3. Deport Times-Blossom Times: “Minute to win it!” by Liz Irwin – Great photo – should have run dominant. Too many photos on the front page can take away from an excellent pic. “In Memory and Honor” by Liz Irwin – This picture speaks a thousand words. Again, should have run dominant.

4. The Sachse News: “Fiddlin’ with the violin” by Patty Montagno – Way to capture the interest this child had. “Sachse Historical Museum” by Patty Montagno – Love the gun statue!

Division 10
Small Weeklies

1. Alvarado Star: “Pumpkin Parade” by Tommy Brown – Great job capturing the energy and excitement this photo represents – by far the best feature photo in your division. “Giant gourd” by Candy McMichen – Kids and gourds – what’s not to love?

2. Joshua Star: “Splish, Splash” by Brian Porter – This photo reminds us how water fun is great for all ages! “Bo Peep” by Brian Porter – Wolf in sheep’s clothing? This gal should have won an award for ingenuity!

3. The Big Lake Wildcat: “Seamstress” by J.L. Mankin – This photo tells me she’s been working with leather a long time! “Welcome home” by J.L. Mankin – Can’t get enough of these photos!

4. Wallis News-Review: “Marching band” by Johnny Griffin – Love the expressions and cutline. “Veteran’s Day” by Johnny Griffin – Very moving!