2012 Texas Better Newspaper Contest - Special Sections
Monday, 18 June 2012 20:24

Routine Special Sections


1. Athens Daily Review: A well-written and well-photographed football section. The layout is excellent. The added bonus is the way you celebrated two decades of fanfare. I can see this magazine being a “keeper.” Very well done!

2. Taylor Daily Press: A good guide with lots of local information. One of the things that elevated this for me was the presentation of photos. They really highlighted the community events and activities. This was hands-down the best of the “FYI/Visitor’s/Newcomers” type guides.

3. Brownwood Bulletin: The photography was very strong and the stories were engaging. I like the cover art for each section in particular. Very, very good. First through third was a tough choice.

4. Waco Tribune-Herald: An excellent football section. Tells me everything I need to know. In particular, the photography really stands out. Well done!


1. The Gonzales Inquirer: Enjoyed the creative use of photos.

2. Wise County Messenger, Decatur: Provide visitors with a lot of useful information. Love the Decatur Square ad.

3. The Bay City Tribune: Liked the layout of the pages with information going down the side of the page.

4. Hood County News, Granbury: Very attractive cover. Lot of design creativity.


Weekly A

1. Jewish Herald-Voice, Houston: This was a tough, tough decision, but “Voices” stood out. Excellence across the board – excellent writing, excellent photos, excellent design. Stories were compelling. Very well done!

2. The Goldthwaite Eagle: First and second was a tough choice. This is the best hunting/outdoors tab I’ve seen. I really sense you’ve captured an important part of your community. Very well done!

3. Hill Country Community Journal, Kerrville: The design and information was good. The handling of “Players to Watch” and your integration of other sports made this one stand apart from other sports sections.

4. Park Cities People, Dallas: How clever! I am stealing this idea! I love the comic book style presentation. Thanks for making me smile. More students and a little more info on each would have moved this up a place or two. Very unique!


Weekly B

1. Glen Rose Reporter: Very well written. Kathryn Jones lends the deep feeling she has for the area to her writing style. Design and presentation are well planned and though out. A very good product!

2. The Clifton Record: Great content and writing. Design very straight forward. Could be made a little more interesting.

3. The Community News, Aledo: Well-written content and valuable guide to the area. Design and presentation appear be well thought.

4. The Dublin Citizen: Very good historical information. Design seems well planned but could use some fine-tuning. Very interesting visitor’s guide!


Weekly C

1. West Kerr Current, Ingram: Good mix of information, photos, recipes and ads. Great job.

2. The Albany News: A great way to share a local yearly event. Cover is quite busy – biggest mistake. But overall, good production.

3. The Pearland Journal: A great way to get people’s attention. Good mix of photos and stories.

4. The Clarendon Enterprise: Nice clean lines – good information. Parents are already overwhelmed; this special section is nothing short of helpful.


Blue Moon Special Sections

Daily Division

1. Midland Reporter-Telegram: This special section is gripping and ensures that on the anniversary of 9/11 your local heroes won’t be forgotten. There were other 9/11 special sections in your division, but yours was about the people in your community who made (and are still making) sacrifices. Well done – and thank you for taking the extra effort.

2. The Facts, Clute: What an amazing journey – to have been a part of this momentous occasion must be an honor. Only complaint is the font chosen is difficult to read—I don’t know how the people in this section could possible read it! Good use of photos and stores. Great job!

3. The Vernon Daily Record: What a great job covering a momentous occasion for these men. This just goes to show you’re never too old to do something GREAT!

4. Jacksonville Daily Progress: Fabulous! I was awestruck by this production. The only reason it didn’t take first was because this was written for your readers rather than ABOUT your readers. I’m sure they enjoyed it – but it’s not the keepsake editions places 1-3 were. Great job! You’re onto something here. Partner with your local chamber(s) to reduce production costs.


Semiweekly Division

1. The Port Lavaca Wave: Compelling stories and photos! This commemorative edition is definitely deserving of first place. Congratulations on a job well done.

2. Kilgore News Herald: A close second. This is a great project and one you should partner with your chamber of commerce on!

3. Breckenridge American: Great photos combined with gripping stories make for a great section!

4. Wise County Messenger, Decatur: Great ideas are born out of opportunity – great job!


Weekly Division A

1. Park Cities People, Dallas: Fabulous idea and excellent job. I don’t know the people, but I wanted to read where they were anyway. I loved this!

2. The Smithville Times: Outstanding job.

3. Meridian Tribune: Great way to pay tribute to a banner year. I bet a lot of eyes read this section. Good job!

4. Hill Country Community Journal, Kerrville: A special section that matters! Great job. Names on outlines would make this better, more complete and probably would not have taken much more effort. A little color would have made this pop more. A feature or two about event, participants, etc. would improve section and more detail on photos would have put this section in top three.

Weekly Division B

1. Alvarado Star: Nocomments.

2. The Liberty Hill Independent: No comments.

3. Wallis News-Review: No comments.

4. Muenster Enterprise: No comments.