Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many newspapers are in Texas? 

There are 463 paid-circulation newspapers in the state, including 75 dailies and 388 weeklies and semiweeklies.

Q: What is the Texas Press Association?

Texas Press Association is a trade organization representing more than 400 member newspapers through the common goal of preserving and promoting the future of newspapers in the state. Founded in 1880, TPA is one of the nation's oldest and largest newspaper trade associations.

From the TPA office at 718 West 5th Street in Austin, the 11-person professional staff directs a host of services for members and serves as the first point of contact for advertisers and advertising agencies, public relation firms, governmental agencies, members of the public and others seeking information on Texas newspapers.

The association is governed by a set of bylaws and is overseen by the executive director and a 30-member board of directors that represent the leaders of the newspaper industry in Texas.

Q: Which newspapers can be members of Texas Press Association?

Active membership is limited to those that meet the legal criteria spelled out by Texas statutes and that qualify for periodical mailing privileges from the United States Postal Service. Membership applications may be requested and approved by the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q: Which newspapers qualify to receive legal notices in Texas?

Newspapers must meet the criteria spelled out under the Government Code of the Texas Statutes.

Q: How can I contact an individual newspaper in Texas?

Start by using our online database. You can search by newspaper name, city, county or frequency of publication (daily or non-daily.) Each record links to a page with information about the newspaper.

Q: What are the largest newspapers in Texas by circulation?

The top 20 daily and non-daily newspapers are determined by figures reported on a newspaper's Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (PS Form 3526) filed each year with the United States Postal Service. The figures represent the total paid and requested circulation the newspaper maintains and reports to the USPS. TPA does not calculate newspaper circulation.