2011 Texas Better Newspaper Contest - Page Design

Division 2
Dailies 7,000 or More
1. The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, Great!
2. Victoria Advocate, Front-page photo is great. Excellent photos.
3. Laredo Morning Times, Border violence design is very strong.
4. The Kerrville Daily Times, Sports cover is great. Savor cover lacks innovation but photos are great.

Division 3
Dailies 7,000 or Less
1. Henderson Daily News, Well-rounded pages with strong dominant art, good use of subheadlines and nice eye-pleasing graphics. Even the spot color on the “family” page works. Nice work here!
2. San Marcos Daily Record, Nice, bold headline for front, although in a rack or on a table that’s all anyone will see. Not crazy about four different kicker heads (green, blue, orange, brown), but definitely different. Don’t like a purple headline in sports that matches the masthead of the section. Mostly good photos, espcially on page 1 and 1B. Nice MLK design - a little choppy but good. Good use of the rail for calendar. The pull text in syndicated column throws me off. You have a lot of font changes on heads, a little hard on the eyes.
3. The Herald Banner, Greenville, Bold, risky treatment of the park story on page 1. Points for the attempt, though I’m not sure teh spot-color style works for me. With a car for a teaser, there are zero faces on the front page. Sports photo is strong but lonely - that right side needs a bug or a box, a graphic, something. Opinion page mapped out well, but I’d like to see Letters for the Editor start here. Were there any to run? Do they normally start here? Feature = two big static photos scream for a face or action. Otherwise solid.
4. Brownwood Bulletin, Loved the football “yardlines” graphic behind the scores on page 1. Not crazy about all 4 photos on the front being static - 2 homecoming shots, 2 mugs. Front a bit choppy. Liked the kickers above the football stories to separate them from one another. Op-ed page is solid.

Division 4
Semiweeklies 4,001 or More
1. Hood County News, Granbury, Good continuity in the layouts, but also unique characteristics for each section, great graphic effect for “Life” section.
2. The Williamson County Sun, Georgetown, Clean, modern look of these pages is very appealing and makes this newspaper stand out.
3. Wise County Messenger, Decatur, Continuity in the page headings but also variety in the layouts, creative use of graphics and photos.
4. Uvalde Leader-News, Clean, easy to read layout with variety in the different sections.

Division 5
Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less
1. Kilgore News Herald, Creative use of graphic shapes
and typography along with art and photos make this paper interesting!
2. The Terrell Tribune, Creative layouts and interesting color and graphics make this paper outstanding!
3. The Canyon News, Clean orderly layouts make this paper easy to read. Great photos on the front page help to tell the story.
4. Wimberly View, Coordinating the cut-out photo and wrap-around text on page creates interest. Layouts are well organized.

Division 6
Large Weeklies
1. Park Cities People, Dallas, Very clean, neat, easy-to-ready layout. Typography consistently good. Creative with page setups.
2. Wilson County News, Floresville, Good variety in page layouts. Great use of color and pleasing typography.
3. The Azle News, Creative layouts keep pages interesting. Interesting datelines tie sections together. Bright photos on page 1 very appealing.
4. The Rockdale Reporter, Creative layouts, especially the sports page make this paper unique.

Division 7
Medium-Large Weeklies
1. The Clifton Record, Great color and well-organized layout are highlights of this paper. Creative sports page outstanding design. (Limit reverse text to small areas as it is very challenging to read.)
2. Westlake Picayune, Austin, Good use of color and creative art and text on page 1 make this paper interesting to
3. The River Cities Sunday Tribune, Marble Falls, Variety in column widths keep the page layouts interesting and make it easy to read.
4. The Progress, Three Rivers, Creative treatment of photos adds interest to this paper.

Division 8
Medium Weeklies
1. The Canadian Record, Well-designed tab. Great graphics and good use of white space.
2. Meridian Tribune, Use of the butterfly on page 1 is creative and creates continuity on the page. Nice consistent look throughout the paper.
3. Pilot Point Post-Signal, Wonderful photo on page 1 with great color. This paper has a clean, organized look and is easy to read.
4. Lake Country Sun, Graford, This paper has a very consistent look that ties the sections together.

Division 9
Small-Medium Weeklies
1. The Ozona Stockman, Even without color, this publication stands out. The well-designed layouts with good use of white space and creative sports page add interest.
2. The Farmersville Times, Great color and interesting layouts are highlights of this paper.
3. The Eldorado Success, Beautiful masthead and innovative photo and text draw the reader in to a well-designed publication.
4. The Albany News, This publication has consistent good looks throughout. Good use of photos and graphics helps to create interest on the pages.

Division 10
Small Weeklies
1. The Big Lake Wildcat, Sharp photos and clean straight-forward layout make this publication interesting.
2. The Clarendon Enterprise, Great typography and organized layout are trademarks of this publication.
3. Murphy Monitor, Creative use of graphics and text help to divide the pages into interesting spaces.
4. Joshua Star, Good color and great layout sets this publication apart.