2011 Texas Better Newspaper Contest - Advertising

Division 2
Dailies 7,000 to 99,999
1. The Kerrville Daily Times, Ad 1: Point of ad is clear, nicely done. Ad 2: Good use of typography and graphics to coordinate ad theme. Ad 3: Nice organization of art and typography.
2. Victoria Advocate, Ad 1: Ad looks busy, needs better organization and variety with point sizes. Ad 2: This ad is organized but the subject is hard to discern. Ad 3: The ad is nice looking, main points should be bolder.
3. The Paris News, Ad 1: More interesting layout and use of subheads would help convey idea. Ad 2: Use of notes is creative but doesn’t work for emphasis of ad. Ad 3: Nice looking ad.
4. The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, Ad 1: Background too dark, artwork styles too different. Ad 2: Nice art, could use better typography. Ad 3: Very hard to read. Name and type of business is lost in the ad.

Division 3
Dailies 7,000 or Less
1. Waxahachie Daily Light, Ad 1: Good color, heading and background tie the ad together nicely. Clean layout. Ad 2: Photo is clear but needs more effort to tie elements together. Ad 3: Very well done. THe ad is simple and to the point.
2. Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Ad 1: Heading ties in well with optical ad, nice artwork. Ad 2: Very well done ad. Artwork ties in with background. Nice and simple. Ad 3: Business information should be larger, perhaps showing the hours.
3. Brownwood Bulletin, Ad 1: Stack of coins draws attention. Would make the “stash the cash” information larger to tie in with the heading. Ad 2: Well designed ad, good use of a variety of tones to make it interesting. Ad 3: This ad is right to the point and has just enough information.
4. Plainview Daily Herald, Ad 1: Ad could have more interesting layout. Ad 2: Main art should tie in more with “Cowboy Days.” Ad 3: Ad has nice flow though layout.

Division 4
Semiweeklies 4,001 or More
1. Wise County Messenger, Decatur, Ad 1: Great use of color! Ad 2: Very effective design & heading. Ad 3: Good use of artwork & typography.
2. The Highlander, Marble Falls, Ad 1: Very well done! Good use of color and theme throughout! Ad 2: Nice ad, good color. Ad 3: Tasteful use of color. Nice organization of material!
3. Hood County News, Granbury, Ad 1: Nice ad! Ad 2: Very creative concept! Ad 3: Great looking ad. Good use of vertical space, excellent color and typography!
4. The Graham Leader, Ad 1: Clever ad, very well done. Ad 2: Heading draws the reader in. Ad 3: Great layout and color really calls attention to the ad.

Division 5
Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less
1. The Terrell Tribune, Ad 1: Simple, to the point & effective! Ad 2: Good color attracts attention to the ad. Ad 3: To the point, clean layout.
2. Lamb County Leader, Littlefield, Ad 1: Wonderful color photos tie in very well with artwork. Ad 2: Good, clean ad. Ad 3: Simple and to the point.
3. The Light and Champion, Center, Ad 1: Great color! Ad 2: Nice use of border and good color. Ad 3: Simple & elegant!
4. Copperas Cove Leader-Press, Ad 1: Good choice of farm artwork and color. Ad 2: Use of pink draws attention to ad, along with other bright colors. Ad 3: Exciting rodeo art makes ad stand out.

Division 6
Large Weeklies
1. Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, Ad 1: Interesting layout and good color combinations. Ad 2: Artwork and color work well for theme of the ad. Ad 3: Excellent artwork and layout. Less is more with simple text.
2. Wilson County News, Floresville, Ad 1: Lovely ad, great color and nice layout. Ad 2: Nice use of graphics and color - very clean layout. Ad 3: Nice art, classy layout.
3. Burnet Bulletin, Ad 1: Very bold and powerful statement. Great typography on heading. Ad 2: Good organization for a small ad. Ad 3: Excellent graphic, nicely designed!
4. Pleasanton Express, Ad 1: Very readable for a dark ad. Ad 2: Just the right amount of art and text for a small ad. Ad 3: Elegant simplicity, very nice!

Division 7
Medium-Large Weeklies
1. Clay County Leader, Henrietta, Ad 1: Good color scheme. Smaller text should have one space after punctuation. Ad 2: Excellent ad. Great play on words and wonderful graphic. Ad 3: Very nicely done. Vertical ads are hard to fill creatively. This one really works!
2. The Clifton Record, Ad 1: Helmet is a very effective background for ad. Ad 2: Very nice heading with great colors. Ad 3: Good incorporation of graphic with heading. Ad has good layout.
3. Progress Times, Mission, Ad 1: Wonderful photo. Very clear layout. Ad 2: Excellent graphic. Heading is a good lead-in to the ad. Ad 3: Good layout but summer graphic would work better.
4. Medina Valley Times, Lytle, Ad 1: Nice contrasting photos. Ad 2: Great colors make ad stand out. Ad 3: Good color and graphic works well.

Division 8
Medium Weeklies
1. Castroville News Bulletin, Ad 1: Nice organization of services offered. Ad 2: Colors and fonts used create excitement for the sale. Ad 3: Interesting layout and good colors used to tie in with photos.
2. The Canadian Record, Ad 1: Attractive artwork creates a good background for the ad. Ad 2: Good colors and interesting reading. Ad 3: Interesting layout.
3. The Llano County Journal, Ad 1: Great color, very attractive ad layout. Ad 2: Good background, simple spot color works well. Would limit fonts to two per ad. Ad 3: Photo works well for ad background, nice clean layout.
4. The Meridian Tribune, Ad 1: Nice play on words. Ad 2: Layout works well with artwork. Would make sure text is clearer. Ad 3: Well-organized layout. Would make sure black overprints on background rather than knocks out address and phone number.

Division 9
Small-Medium Weeklies
1. The Farmersville Times, Ad 1: Excellent, well designed, good layout! Ad 2: Creative use of photo and incorporating text. Ad 3: Interesting arrangement of products.
2. The Albany News, Ad 1: Great color! Simple yet effective. Ad 2: Color attracts attention to ad. Ad 3: Good, clean layout, nice color.
3. The Princeton Herald, Ad 1: Simple, effective design. Ad 2: Nice clean layout. Would substitute the hard to read display font. Ad 3: Good background with interesting layout. Would move information at bottom more to the right.
4. The Waller County News Citizen, Hempstead, Ad 1: Bright colors attract attention. “Limited Time” band hard to read. Ad 2: Great color and artwork. Outstanding design. Ad 3: Good artwork.

Division 10
Small Weeklies
1. Murphy Monitor, Ad 1: Ad has clever approach to weight loss. Nicely done! Ad 2: Good color and nice heading. Prices should be larger. Ad 3: Layout works well for restaurant ad. Calls attention to lunch specials.
2. The Clarendon Enterprise, Ad 1: Very clean, concise layout. Good flow of ad and great color! Ad 2: Fund heading makes ad stand out. Photos could be clearer. Ad 3: Bright pink heading calls attention to ad. Black text on green should be overprinted.
3. The Big Sandy & Hawkins Journal, Ad 1: Creative approach to sig ads. Great color and artwork. Ad 2: Interesting graphic for 4th of July ad. Bursts could tie in better. Ad 3: Good color. Ad would be better with larger photos and more compact text.
4. The Lindsay Letter, Ad 1: Excellent looking ad works well with background photo. Ad 2: Good, bright colors. Font is too busy for entire ad. Should be used only for heading. Artwork should be larger. Ad 3: Nice, simple layout. Hangers get lost in background. Sans serif font would work better for body text.