2007 Better Newspaper Contest — News Photo


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Division 4, Semiweeklies
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Division 2 Large Dailies

1. The Monitor, McAllen - "Flooding" by Nathan Lambrecht. Loved this photo. Photographer took the time to find something really unique. Photog went extra miles to not only show how serious the flooding was but to also pull readers in with a fun angle. "School bus wreck" by Mike Roy. Captured emotion of little girl. Would have liked tighter crop to eliminate kid in bottom right corner. Two good photos from unplanned events!

2. Odessa American - "Fatal fire" by Mark Sterkel. Strongest photo of all submitted. Nice composition, shows real emotion. "Memorial service" by Joshua Scheide. Again, nice composition, strong emotions. Nice quote in cutline.

3. The Beaumont Enterprise - "Weather scare" by Dave Ryan. You can feel the pain and relief in the photo. Nice spot news shot. "Funeral" by Mark M. Hancock. Conveys emotions but would have liked to see more of the look on the woman's face.

4. Amarillo Globe-News - "Shattered glass" by Michael Schumacher. Not much emotion shown - too posed. Good idea but would have liked to see some emotion. "Last of the Mohawk?" by Michael Lemmons. Loved this feature shot. Great angle and composition.

Division 3 Small Dailies

1. Waxahachie Daily Light - By JoAnn Livingston. "Deadly beast" Wow. Nice wide shot. Good crop. Makes reader feel as if he were there. "Fatal I-35 crash" Would have thought it would be more effective to show workers emotions or something else. Wide did not work as well with this photo.

2. Brownwood Bulletin - "Fire" by Steve Nash. Photo complements casket photo to provide two solid shots. "Funeral" by Candace Cooksey Fulton. Nice use of colors, flag.

3. Alice Echo News Journal - "Muddy waters" by Ofelia Garcia Hunter. Would be stronger showing Soza with the debris and rainwater. "Motorcycle wreck" by Christopher Maher. Very solid wreck photo. Not much cutline info. Good angle.

4. The Terrell Tribune - "Wrong turn" by Synthia Bell. Interesting photo, maybe most interesting in bunch. I wondered what was going on and wanted to read and find out more. "Fire" by Jeff Jordan. Could have used a better crop.

Division 4 Large Semiweeklies

1. Wise County Messenger - By Joe Duty. "Soldier's farewell" Exceptional news photo. Not even a close second to this picture. This makes the package a winner. "Fire" Nice composition. Would like to have had a person in the picture.

2. Williamson County Sun - By Patric Schneider. "Fire" Another strong news photo. "Plane crash" Good news photo. Good composition.

3. El Campo Leader-News - "Fire" by Shannon Crabtree. Very strong fire photo. Excellent reproduction and composition. "Wreck rescue" by Chris Barbee. Good spot news pic.

4. Hood County News - By Mary Vinson. "Wreck" Very good wreck photo, shows scene well. "Fire" Nice moment but reproduction hurts this photo.

Division 5 Small Semiweeklies

1. The Highlander, Marble Falls - "Storm cloud" by Beverly Walker. Nice weather photo. Great colors. "EMS honor guard" by Angela Timmons. Timmons' photo was the best of the best.

2. The Monitor, Mabank - "Fire" by Kerry Yancey. Good fire photo. "Rescue" by Pearl Cantrell. Would have liked tighter crop of survivor and rescue guy.

3. Breckenridge American - By Don Treul. "Shooting" Average photo that has news value. "Ladder rescue" Better angle and larger crop would have helped. Still, interesting news photo.

4. Copperas Cove Leader Press - "Wreck" by Kristy Davies. No comment. "Shooting" by Larry Hauk. Good news value, poor angle. Lots of wasted space on right.

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Port Aransas South Jetty - By Dan Parker. "Flood" Very good news photo. Second strongest photo entered. These two made the best package. "Waterspout" Nice weather photo. Overall, this entry had the strongest two photos. Second place had one strong photo and another that was average at best. If it would have had a stronger second photo, second place would have taken top honors.

2. The Jasper Newsboy - By Jimmy Galvan. "Patriotism" Average photo. A stronger photo here would have made this entry a first place winner. "Tragic fire" Best photo entered. Captures gut-wrenching emotions. Very good spot news photo.

3. Park Cities People - "Shattered dreams" by Michael Broadbent. Great composition to show all the watching students. "Officer injured" by Jeremy Chesnutt. Average wreck photo, reader does not feel any emotions, attachment to the photo.

4. Silsbee Bee - By Gerry L. Dickert. "Explosion" Shows the scene but needs more human element to it. "Flood" Very good photo. Gives reader an emotional connection to the lady.

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. The Community News, Aledo - By Randy Keck. "Truck wreck" Good composition. Solid news lead photo. "Grand opening" Great expression instead of being grip-n-grin.

2. Floresville Chronicle-Journal - By Thomas L. Brossart. "Fire" Good composition and reproduction. "Flooding" Loved this photo.

3. Bandera Bulletin - By Jessica Hawley-Jerome. "Cajun fest" Good expression. Could have done without uninterested girl on right. "Dromedary" News is a person who looks interested in the photo.

4. The Cameron Herald - By Marie Bakken. "Wreck" and "County fair" No comments.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. The Springtown Epigraph - By Carolea Hassard. "Tractor in water" You can see the concern on rescue members face. Tighter crop would be nice. "Fire" Outstanding fire photo. Shows chaos.

2. Pilot Point Post-Signal - By Richard Greene. "Cabinet fire" Another strong fire shot. Good clean image. "Wreck" Lacks emotion to be first place winner.

3. Hill Country News, Cedar Park - "Helping hands" by Stephanie Thompson. Very clean composition. "Firefighter rescues cat" by Jake Beckwith. Really liked this image.

4. Leader News, Lytle - "Special student" by Kurt Castner. Good image with emotion. "Extraction" by Mat Ringer. Mock wrecks make a weak entry. Would have liked something not staged here.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. Hill Country Community Journal, Kerrville - "Slide" by Stuart Cunyus. Nice expression. "Snake" by Bonnie Arnold. Again, expression gives this an advantage.

2. Hico News Review - By Jerry Adams. "Vandals" Chaos can be felt. "Cheerleaders" Good clean picture.

3. The Albany News - "Fandangle cast" by Donnie Lucas. Clean but no excitement. "Preschool first day" by Melinda Lucas. Best photo entered. Needed a stronger photo as second photo. Could have been a winner.

4. The Free Press, Diboll - By Billy Longino. "Lumberjack express" and "wreck" No comments.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. Little Elm Journal - "Bike trick" by Robert James Hughes. Best photo of the bunch, gives this first place. Solid all the way around. "9/11" by Devin Monk. Clean news image.

2. Alvarado Star - "Accident" by Michael Rayburn. Good spot news pic. "Baby found" by Paul Gnadt. Good emotion, needs tighter crop up to eliminate microphones and more on faces.

3. Burnet County Citizens Gazette - By Rick Espitia. "Fire" Nothing special, clean image. "Easter" Good excitement and nice moment.

4. Big Lake Wildcat - "Drama" by Marla Daugherty. Interesting. "Fast pitch" by J.L. Mankin. Nice moment, nothing special, just clean.