2007 Better Newspaper Contest — Feature Photo


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Feature Photo

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Division 2 Large Dailies

1. Laredo Morning Times - By Ricardo Segovia. "Shrine watchman" Beautiful color, the details make this photo wonderful. It's breathtaking. "Dust and dreams" Nice use of light.

2. The Paris News - By Sam Craft. "Red, white and blue" Wonderfully sweet moment captured on film. "The hat's off" Love the lighting, great cutline.

3. The Beaumont Enterprise - "Dolphins" by Pete Churton. Photographer was there at exactly the right moment. "Superintendent" by Andrew Nenque. Love the details and emotions captured in this photo.

4. Odessa American - "Weekend warriors" by Joshua Scheide. Nice action. "Watchmaker" by Mark Sterkel. Detail is excellent.

Division 3 Small Dailies

1. Seguin Gazette Enterprise - By Melissa Johnson. "Icy plunge" Loved the reaction. Can feel just how cold the water is. "Relaxing day" Nice "lazy" photo. Puts the mind at ease. Beautiful and calm.

2. River Cities Daily Tribune, Marble Falls - By Daniel Clifton. "Son's last game" Nice composition, good to see chairs were left in instead of being cropped out. "Snakes alive" Makes you wonder what's going through the kid's head.

3. Taylor Daily Press - "Light show" by Jeremy Weber. Excellent weather photo. "Petting zoo" by David King. Another really good photo. Nice moment.

4. Plainview Daily Herald - By Richard Porter. "Cotton" Feel like part of the bloom. "Veterans" Missing emotion for top three finish.

Division 4 Large Semiweeklies

1. Round Rock Leader - By Kevin M. Cox. "Mucho macho munchers" Readers can feel the burn just looking at this photo. Well done! "No bad dogs" You never can go wrong with a great animal photo, especially not with one this cute.

2. Wharton Journal-Spectator - By Benjamin C. Sharp. "Ounce of prevention" Sweet photo. Love the drops of water. "Round and round" This photo is bright, colorful and inviting. Nice work.

3. The Bastrop Advertiser - By Dana Lachman. "Taking aim" Nice angle. "I'm in pieces" Great colors.

4. The Graham Leader - "Ghouls, goblins" by David Rupkalvis. This definitely grabs a reader's attention. "PK relays" by Mark Engebretson. Nice use of natural light.

Division 5 Small Semiweeklies

1. Andrews County News - By Sam Kaufman. "Birthday fun" Excellent composition and detail. "Local snake remover" Innovative shot, well composed and produced.

2. Copperas Cove Leader Press - "Monument" by Paul J. Gately. Touching composition that gives human relevance to the memorial. Good color reproduction. "Memorial day" by Walter Challap. Though it might appear posed, that is not what seems important. It features an emotional composition and nice reproduction.

3. Breckenridge American - By Carla McKeown. "Hands" Great detail and crisp black and white photography. "Garden" Again, beautiful, crisp photography and nice naturalistic composition.

4. The Canyon News - By Greg Jaklewicz. "Commissioners" Nice reproduction and clear, not over saturated; obviously posed though. "Spring" Just a great photo, the one of these two that stood out. Excellent composition.

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Pleasanton Express - "Yankee doodle" by Leon Zabava. Loved this photo! Good subject, great interest. "Joe Nichols" Another good one! Liked the expression on her (child's) face!

2. Mansfield News-Mirror - By Amanda Rogers. "No no no!" Great picture, good human interest, also good cutline. "All star equestrian" Good photo, so-so cutline, loved the horse and child.

3. Port Aransas South Jetty - "Surf sunset" by Dan Parker. Good subject, poor cutline, beautiful colors. "Dolphins" by Phil Reynolds. Good subject, average cutline, great shot.

4. Wylie News - "Fireworks" by Jennifer Montiel. Good shot, great colors in fireworks. "Easter" by Billi Gray. Loved the expression on the child's face. Great shot!

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. Floresville Chronicle-Journal - By Thomas L. Brossart. "Cancer survivors" Good photo. "Uhmmmm" This is my favorite. I can't stop smiling when I look at it. Excellent capture!

2. Burnet Bulletin - "Singing" by Wayne Craig. Great photo. Very good. "Pavers" by Chris Crews. No comment.

3. The Pittsburg Gazette - "Spiders and snakes" by Malu Bradford. He seems a little tentative. Good shot. "Rep Reading" by Nora Olvera. Love the kids. Some are listening, some are not.

4. Clay County Leader - By Phil Major. "Reunion" Good panoramic shot. "Park cleanup" I like how you included three and didn't just zoom in on one.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. Hill Country News, Cedar Park - By Stephanie Thompson. "Dance" Good lighting, especially in a gym. Very expressive and good timing. "Pie in face" Very expressive and again good timing.

2. The Canadian Record - "Easter" by Laurie Ezzell Brown.  Nice composition and feeling. "Splash" by Katy McGarr. Nice photo to go with headline.

3. Iowa Park Leader - By Kevin Hamilton. "Bike" Nice composition and good angle. "Cemetery" Good patriotic feeling.

4. The Smithville Times - By Mark Gwin. "Bailes Folkloricos" Love the colour. "Carousel" Very good photo, very original and colorful.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. West Kerr Current, Ingram - "Giraffe" by Alex Schroeder. I love her face, good job! "Two-fer" by Irene Van Winkle. Excellent.

2. The Clarendon Enterprise - By Roger Estlack. "Mine" Great! "Cutting paper" Wonderful face, great shot.

3. Ozona Stockman - "Twirling to the music" by Melissa Perner. Wonderful capture of both faces. "School open house" by Joe Hernandez. Beautiful photo.

4. Rosebud News - By Brenda Allison. "Field of dreams" Great shot! "Some bunny loves me" Too cute.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. Deport Times - "Barrel ride" by Jodie Stanley. Love the expression on the kid's face. "Finding a name" by Nanalee Nichols. Very powerful. Good shot!

2. Thorndale Champion - "I wanna smooch" by Marie Bakken. Nice capture of the apprehension on the principal's face. "Big bite" by Kerri Kelm. Been there, done that! Great photo.

3. East Bernard Express - By Ronald K. Sanders. "Dancers" Great angle for shot. "Pony ride" Excellent photo.

4. Burnet County Citizens Gazette - "Rain dancing" by Melodie Bradbury. Good photo and subjects. "Flying into summer" by Rick Espitia. You've captured the reader. Looking at this photo makes you want to head to the nearest swimming hole.