2007 Better Newspaper Contest — Community Service


Community Service

Daily Division

1. The Galveston County Daily News - "Public Utility Commission" A good solid effort with a very recognizable - and tangible for readers - result.

2. The Beaumont Enterprise - "West Brook bus crash" Solid coverage of event and good follow-up. Follow-up and action by others was what earned the award.

3. Amarillo Globe-News - "Harrington Trust" Good investigative effort. Result could have been stronger, which would have made place higher.

4. The Monitor, McAllen - "12 Days of Christmas" Nice series. It obviously was needed in community and probably helped improve many lives. Rated it fourth because it did not require the investigative aspects used by higher finishers.

Semiweekly Division

1. Wise County Messenger - "Wise County Fire Departments" Outstanding coverage and photos to go with your support. Newspaper followed-up not only with county commissioners' meetings and decision, but also the VFD's work and need for funds. Great outcome and also very educating. Both sides of issue reported very well. The letters to the newspaper showed great community interest and were well-balanced in selection.

2. Hood County News - "Support our troops" Newspaper should be very proud of project and such heart-felt response from the communities it serves. I hope newspapers across the country copy your program and service to the community. Encourage you to report and enter 2007 with more great results from soldiers' stints abroad.

3. The Canyon News - "Iraq war" Good coverage and photos and results for Iraqi boy. Agree both sides' stereotypes of each other were drastically changed, but more could have been written. The community (and your readers) were well-served by your coverage and support.

4. Beeville Bee-Picayune - "Fuel lost" Definitely hot issue that divided the community, as evidenced by the letters and editorial comments. As a community service, couldn't decide if it was the defeat of Judge Martinez, ending the boycott, overcoming an embarrassment of the county, or all of the above.

Weekly Division

1. Pflugerville Pflag - "Breast cancer awareness month" This definitely puts a community face on breast cancer and the need for research funds. Community stewardship is always better when it has a local "face." Good job!

2. The Smithville Times - "Election 2006" This is a good example of a local newspaper taking on a local "problem" and making it better with organization and coverage. Good work! We should all do more of this.

3. Lake Travis View - "Relay for Life" Good job featuring someone who would benefit from cancer research rather than just focusing on the fun aspects of raising the funds. It puts a face on all the work and motivates participants and givers.

4. The Community News, Aledo - "Center of Hope" This is an excellent (response) to a local need, exactly what newspapers in small communities should look for - opportunities to give back.