2007 Better Newspaper Contest — Advertising


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Division 2 Large Dailies

1. The Facts, Clute - "Freeport Lakewood" Nice color, clean design, effective ad. "Urban eve" Again, clean design, nice ad overall, good use of white space. "Stewart's Food Store" Very nice ad, clean and crisp, conveys the "freshness" theme well, good job!

2. The Paris News - "Campbell's" Love this ad! Clever putting the staff in the ladle. Good work cropping the photo. "Kimberley Clark" A very nice P-R type ad. Everyone loves babies for sure. Good color. "Turrel Industries Group" Photos are less good here than on the other two but still a nice progress-edition style ad.

3. Odessa American - "Congratulations Jackalopes" It's hard to make multiple advertiser pages work well, good color especially. "Wranglers" A very nice-looking ad but hard to read text on that busy background. Nice fonts! "Latin music festival" Clever to put the ad on the diagonal! Good color and design.

4. The Galveston County Daily News - "Pet sitting" There's a lot of info in this ad, still it gets the point across. Nice color. "Railroad museum" Layout is good but the photo montage at center is too busy. "Cra-z-coil" A very good testimonial ad. I'm sure the Cra-Z-Coil people got calls from this one!

Division 3 Small Dailies

1. Plainview Daily Herald - "Hospice" Very nice color on all these ads, a good P-R type of ad. "Azteca Milling" Nice work, good layout, good color. "Hembree Classic Interiors" Good use of white space.

2. Waxahachie Daily Light - "The Greenery" There's a lot going on in this ad but I still want to go shop there. "Joe's custom homes" Nice ad but almost too much white space, still very eye-catching, clever. "O'Brien Bridal" Very nice work, good photo montage.

3. Stephenville Empire Tribune - "Randolph Dodge" Very nice ad, very nice color, different! "HEB" Crisp and clean layout, very nice color, makes me want peppers. "Coca Cola" A nice thought but too much red and out of register.

4. Taylor Daily Press - "Patschke Real Estate" Awww, look at the granddaddy and his boy. This ad says "family fun business" to me. "Taylor Meat" Like how the photo jumps the border, good ad, to-the-point. "Hippo weight loss" Hahahahahaah!

Division 4 Large Semiweeklies

1. Wise County Messenger - "Stephens Bastian Cartwright" Very nice ad, good use of white space, good font, fun graphic. "Popilicious" Fun color, strong graphic, easy to read. "Donuts" I like the donut border on the left! Good ad.

2. Uvalde Leader News - "Palomino" I wish this ad was less dark but as it is, it's easy to read and understand. "Chevrolet" Nice work on the photo, love how it works with the whole ad. "Don Williams" Very nice ad.

3. Round Rock Leader - "Tilted Kilt" Good use of clip art, very nice font. "St. William's Catholic Church" Same here, a good church ad. "House ad" Very nice house ad. I like the newsprint on the mouse, good layout clean. This paper uses clip art really well.

4. Hood County News - "Lucky" Almost too many fonts but still manages to convey a sense of fun. Nice color. "Toyota" I like this ad a lot! Clean and funny! Different from a "regular" truck ad. "FedEx" Nice use of clip art ad color, easy to read. I wish it were more in register.

Division 5 Small Semiweeklies

1. Jack County Herald - "Holiday home shopping" A little chaotic, needs more white space. "Great American Outdoors" Good color and design, easy to read. "First National Bank" Good color, good clip art, nice photo, nice layout.

2. The Light & Champion, Center - "Dance Furniture" Crazy! The photo pretty much says it all. "Few Ready Mix" Good type, good color, nice photo. "Armstrong" Good P-R type ad. Not much else to it.

3. Breckenridge American - "Butcher shop" Too many fonts, looks like any other grocery store in the USA. "Bank" Good photo, nice color! "Dickens" Very nice color! Not too busy, good multiple advertiser ad.

4. The Wimberley View - "Clicked" Good testimonial ad, kind of cluttered. "Remax" Good use of white space, nice drop shadows. "Sanford" Good job on the photos!

Division 6 Large Weeklies

1. Port Aransas South-Jetty - "Electric Tan" Looks gruesome, she could already be baked. "Sandollar" Great ad, would love to go there for a month or two. "Lisabelles" Colorful, eye catching.

2. Duncanville Today - "Davinci" Beautiful, well done ad. If you have questions it tells you where to go. "Movie night" Nice colorful ad. "Cambridge Square" Great, real kids in ad, a reach out and grab you, the stars are grabbers.

3. Mansfield News-Mirror - "Walnut Creek Private School" Wonderful colorful, makes you want to read it to see what it's about. " Mansfield Chiropractic" So original with coupon and picture of staff, and they all look so happy. "Long John Silvers" Love the magnifying glass, map and coupon.

4. Azle News - "Kelly's" Wonderful all over ad. No way to get lost, has map. "Body Exchange" Very good but is a little too busy but is eye-catching. "Grand opening" Great, has everything you need to know and can see on ad.

Division 7 Medium Large Weeklies

1. Colorado County Citizen - "Schobel's" Nice ad, great use of color background, quality photos and layout design. Copy is informative and minimal, says what it needs to. "Parkview" I'd love to stay here (or send my parent)! Simple yet very effective. Headline is the icing on the cake! "Monument Hill" Terrific layout, superb use of black and white, catchy header.

2. Lake Travis View - "Expressions" Great concept for layout, nice headline. "Pie special" competes with background, maybe downsize. "Miracle" Nice ad, good choice in background color, clean layout for copy, easy to read and enjoy. "Designer Floors" Good use of color in border and background to enhance photos. Offers pop-off page to increase readership. Maybe a little less body copy, reader will get bored with "brochure" jargon and move on (copy check body copy!)

3. Elgin Courier - "Elgin General Store" Good use of spot color, effective ad size, need to have a dominant element of ad. "Store 2" Good ad, one-day sale stands out. Great clip art choice, draws reader's attention into ad, effective spot color use. "Tricounty Feed" Terrific black and white ad. Nice way photo is unframed and softened, like the font choices.

4. Burnet Bulletin - "Rotary" Great use of artwork, clean layout. "Hey kids" Cute, bright and eye-catching. Try and stay away from starburst (use either artwork to border copy or none at all.) "Decked out" Nice color use, good copy layout. Headline a little hard to read but effective.

Division 8 Medium Weeklies

1. Cooper Review - "Lakestop" Good way to drive home the best hamburgers in Delta County. "Cooper Rodeo" Clean, nice use of art. "David's Garage" Excellent use of simple copy, a few good lines jump out at you while nearby cluttered ads just sit there.

2. Lake Country Sun, Graford - "Splitrail" Good layout, clean and attention getting. Really like the use of rail for posting directions. "Sam's Dock" Clean, good ad. "Halloween" Cute. Nice ad for target audience. Best use of space I've seen. Clean, doesn't jam everything in.

3. The Clifton Record - "Stone Wall collections" Nice layout. Copy was a little hard to read with background, good choice of type. "Walls Outlet" Good use of art, clean, not too much copy. Best use of school bus in back to school ad I've seen. Nice layout.

4. Dublin Citizen - "Lady Lions" Good concept, good photos. Excellent type. "Day of prayer" Powerful artwork. "Lady Lions Champs" Nice use of color.

Division 9 Small Medium Weeklies

1. Olney Enterprise - "Prom week" Great, well put. "First United Methodist" Wonderful ad. So inspiring. "Olney Cubs" Great ad. The team should love it. Very clear.

2. Muleshoe Journal - "Carolyn's" Nice reminder of Mother's Day. Very soft and pretty. "Mule days" Great graphic, good coloring. Great ad!! "Monson FOI Award" Nice, attention getting. Do have to study it a while to get meaning.

3. Eldorado Success - "Medical" Great ad, a baby always makes an ad get your attention. "House ad" Love the ad, well made, attention getting. "First National Bank" Love the dog and cat dressed up, eye-catching.

4. West Kerr Current, Ingram - "Yango" Nice ad but no address to tell where they are located. "Hunt store" Photo a little dark. "Men only" Great ad, For Men Only makes the ladies want to read it.

Division 10 Small Weeklies

1. Princeton Herald - "Spring" Good headline, nice layout of specials, good use of artwork clips. "Welcome" Strong headline, good offer, nice black and white ad. "Pharmacy" Good art choices, minimal copy a plus, great color use.

2. Alvord Gazette - "Holidays" Yes I would definitely call this guy for my holiday pictures! Terrific use of reverse in logo and headline. "Prom" Fun layout, probably would have looked better without the commercial pitch for sponsor, makes it look like two different ads and customer doesn't get credit for sponsorship for reader. "Cingular" Ad looked pieced together, no dominant element, just tidbits and picture - middle "tid bit" of Alltel customers. ... could have been effective headline and dominated page.

3. Alvarado Star - "Business stars" Clean, layout, originally designed business ads, terrific header. "Flashback" Strong ad, good choice of fonts, love the logo, screened artwork very appealing. "Tattoo" Good ad, stands out on page because of reverse type. Nice choice of fonts. Better if there was an offer or reason to respond.

4. Big Lake Wildcat - "Liquor" Good layout, good background art, nice use of reverse headline. "Don't blink" Super layout with photo dominant, great headline. Good response element. "Santa" Nice! Babies are always a good choice for an ad like (this). Font choice very clean.