2002 Better Newspaper Contest — Advertising

Division 2 Dailies
1st. Amarillo Globe News – “Panhandle People” Super eye-cathcing ad. Is the cloud an arrow? With wings? Whatever. Nice ad! “Cowboy roundup USA” Excellent initiative. Very eye-appealing ad. “The Woodlands” Beautiful ad. Artwork and layout very well done.
2nd. The Paris News – “Campbell’s” Very original looking. Great idea to have workers name’s screened in ad. “Kimberly Clark” Very eye appealing. “First Baptist Church” Very well laid out. Not too much information, just enough.
3rd. The Victoria Advocate – “The 12 days of Christmas” Very original. Eye-catching sig page. “Crossroads Cellular” Excellent enterprise. “Victoria Mall” Excellent artwork.
4th. Odessa American – “Scott’s Shoes” What a great idea. “Father’s Day gifts” Very good looking sig page. I like that all the ads don’t look the same. “Miek McGarrity” What a fun ad. Very appealing.

Division 3 Dailies
1st. Plainview Daily Herald – “Covenant Hospital” Cardiac care ad is outstanding. Photos of personnel draw readers to ad. Excellent use of color. Strong copy content. Back in saddle illustration ties in with cowboy days. Blue background highlights hospital services. Nice PR ad for veterans. Balanced layout. Photos help this ad.
2nd. Texas City Sun – “Port of Texas City” Excellent layout and use of illustrations. Excellent use of color. “Sterling Chemicals” This is a very creative ad. Baby reaching for the world draws the reader to headline. “Texas First Bank” Pictures of people you know attract readers. Attractive illustration.
3rd. Ennis Daily News – “Texas Motorplex” The dominant illustration draws reader to this ad. Good use of white space. “Timmarron Estates” Strong headline. Excellent use of photos. Good color background. Compelling ad. “Ellis County Expo Pavilion” Cute illustration and variety of color.
4th. Waxahachie Daily Light – “Thornhill Auto Group” This is your best ad. Photos and prices sell autos. Excellent layout and use of color. “Holnam” White space sets off miss Liberty. “Larry’s Window Ware” Attractive Christmas ad with good selling points.

Division 4 Semiweeklies
1st. Uvalde Leader-News – “First State Bank” Wildlife photos make this ad work. “Regency” A great PR ad with a dominant photo and a bio of team members. “Regency” Excellent layout with dominant pricing. Photos of staff a plus.
2nd. El Campo Leader-News – “Don Davis” This is an attractive ad that should sell cars. It is well laid out and good use of color. “VonDerAu Ford” Very compelling ad, clever headlines and lots of illustrated cars with prices. “Superior Motor Parts” Excellent use of art and color. Copy highlights Pittsburg products.
3rd. Wise County Messenger – “Hallmark Shop” Lots of color illustration and 50 percent off make this ad a winner. “James Wood GMC” Great headline, huge selection and dominant illustration should sell trucks. “Caldwell Banker” A beautiful illustration makes the ad.
4th. The Graham Leader – “Graham Regional Medical Center” Color illustrations make this ad. Lots of white space makes this a very attractive ad. “First Baptist Church” Clever illustrations. Enrollment form a plus. “Sandy Creek Marina” Attractive layout with compelling illustrations. Prices under each boat would produce more results.

Division 5 Semiweeklies
1st. The Light and Champion Center – “Ivan Smith Furniture” Layout good, four color good! “Center Autoplex” Four color, excellent! Layout, too! “Chamber” Great four color, layout, idea!
2nd. Breckenridge American – “Citizens National Bank” Neat idea for hometown image! “Citizens National Bank” Another neat idea for hometown image! “First National Bank” Great photo! Good use of photo, too!
3rd. The Clifton Record – “Bosque Valley Health and Fitness” Good idea for use of photo. “Clifton Baseball Association” Good photo for event! “ Karasek Taxidermy” Good use of four color.
4th. Bowie News – “Continental Credit” Good use of copy to tie in w/ graphics! “Kickapoo Catfish” Graphic, excellent! “Ford” Nice use of four-color except for very bottom photos.

Division 6 Weeklies
1st. Fredericksburg Standard Radio/Post – “Gillespie County Fair” All around good and good schedule. “The Salvation Army” Really good graphic and message. “Fredericksburg Brewery” Great ad. The wrap around is nice touch and great drawing.
2nd. Park Cities People – “Avon” Really good type, layout and wording. Good maybe double the size of logo and bold the word cleaners. Could mistake it for an Avon cosmetic product.” Bellaire Homes” Great. Not too much. Just right. “Coldwell Banker” Very clever ad, readable.
3rd. Rockdale Reporter – “Rockdale merchants” The best shop at home I have seen. Great idea, great art and layout. GREAT! Good for you. “Call Comm Inc.” Really nice. Readable. “Rockdale Medical Association” Pink stars too much. I would have only “pinked” the ribbon. Otherwise nice layout.
4th. Azle News – “Karbo Bros. Pools” Just right art and words. Nice ad. “Azle Dental Care” Nice and good info. “Northwest Bank” Assuming people know who he is and can read his script, a good ad.

Division 7 Weeklies
1st. The Cameron Herald – “Central Texas Hospital” Nice layout, good typestyles. “The Rustic Corral” Clean, very readable. “House ad” Great use of art and type.
2nd. The Free Press Buda – “Budafest” Very clean, very readable, nice use of color. “Walker Floors” Great layout and design, screened background is a little dark. “Bill Gray” Layout is a little plain.
3rd. Jackson County Herald Tribune – “Class of 2001” Very nice concept and design. “Jackson County” Excellent use of artwork. “Mr. Electric” Could have made better use of color.
4th. Pittsburg Gazette – “Pilgrim Bank” Good clean ad, good use of white space. “Guaranty Bank” Border a little busy. That headline should not be bold or drop shadowed. “Camp County EMS” Good clean ad, very readable.

Division 8 Weeklies
1st. Clay County Leader – Holiday Greetings” Nice combination of color and artwork. “Parade of talent” Great layout, very readable. “Clay County Football 2001” Nice use of white space, interesting border.
2nd. Ellis County Press – “Classic Burgers” Good use of color, eye-catching graphics. “Harvest House Community Services” The inside of the ad is fine. Good, clean type and copy. The border is out of proportion and bitmapped. “9-T Farms Nursery” This ad has a lot of elements but still pulls together the theme. Nice work.
3rd. The Community News – “Moritz” Excellent artwork, nice use of white space. “Buz Post Hyundai” Clean, easy to read. “Pro Fit” Good concept, could use bigger graphic and more original type style.
4th. The Bee Daingerfield – “Rice’s Home Store” Good layout, good use of color and choice of font. “Joseph D. Hayes MS” Good concept and artwork. Layout and fonts could be more creative. “Hess Furniture and Appliances” Nice layout, easy to read.

Division 9 Weeklies
1st. Midlothian Today – “Read Us Today” Nice color. Information laid out well in quarter page. “Today Online” Neat layout for full page. Good use of four color. Lots of information for “online.” “Fall Fest 2001” Good use of white space.
2nd. Hico News Review – “Hico Banking Center” Good message, bank looks good sponsoring ad, too! “Ad rates so low it makes us want to puke” I love the idea. Picture real attention-getter. Reminds me of my hometown. “House ad” Good way to promote your newspaper.
3rd. Olney Enterprise – “Clint’s” “Cute” idea for use of clip art. “Who Are These People?” Great way to get group advertising. “Sonic” Clean ad, like white space, great team-support ad.
4th. Lytle Leader News – “Connect Online Internet” Good use of four color and neat idea for Internet ad. “Harris Western Center” Like the graphics! “Fleetwood” Good information on product’s incentive program. Pictures could have been a little sharper. Talk to your graphics department about “fine tuning” photos.

Division 10 Weeklies
1st. The Clarendon Enterprise – “Community Bank” I liked it, but card (purpose of ad) should be better and bigger. “Chamberlain Motor Co.” Same old car ad, but very readable and great photos. Weakest of the three. “Heritage” Short, sweet, great type, layout and photo.
2nd. Princeton Herald – “Princeton athletes” Well done page. Solid. Straight! “Collin Park” Lots going on. Hard to focus but that works for this product. “Lafon’s Fireworks” Attractive. Good use of type but name is in weakest type – hard to read. Oops!
3rd. The Eldorado Success – “Petals and Potpourri” Great. The eyes have it! Compelling. Why a coupon border? “Prom night” Worst of the three. Contrived. Whom do you target? Put yourself as a 17-year-old. My response would be blah, blah, blah. Tell me something I care about. Not a contest ad. However, good use of type and good layout. “First National Bank” Perfect artwork and typography! One of the best ads in the contest.
4th. Waller County News Citizen – “DiIorio Farms” Great. Fun. One typeface – good choice. Unoriginal. “Make your home a home” Original and nicely done. “Frazier’s” Plain type. Great art. Why a border?