2000 Better Newspaper Contest — Advertising

Division 2, Dailies 7,000 to 99,999
1.     Kerrville Daily Times – “Swimmer” The photo and logo carried the ad and told the story. “Welder” This ad tells me everything I need to know. “Internet” Your choice of graphics using the clock, the globe, the personnel, the computer and the highway tied it all together without appearing busy.
2.     The Baytown Sun — “Y2K” Very good use of color and graphics. This ad portrays patriotic trust. “Ad #2” The ad is clean and flows well. The variance in ages works. “Ad #3” The sell game exemplifies the right choice. Nice clean ad.
3.     Odessa American — “Ad #1” Many automotive dealer ads have far too many photos. This is clean and works well. “Ad #2” Excellent use of background art. The blue emits trust. Nice to see prices in diamond ads that don’t say $995. “Ad #3” Very inclusive yet simple. Nice balance on the color.
4.     Midland Reporter-Telegram — “Cellular One” Effective use of color for impact but borders on being too busy. “Ad #2” The color carries it. “House” Borderline busy but once again your color carries it. The yellow worked well here.

Division 3, Dailies Less Than 7,000
1.     Texas City Sun — “Ad #1” Photos are excellent. Ad is superior. “Ad #2” Outstanding use of color and white space. Very pleasing ad. Great job! “Ad #3” Beautiful color. Can’t find anything wrong. Ad looks exceptional! Three outstanding ads. You must have some great sales people to create winning ads like these.
2.     Ennis Daily News — “Ad #1” Excellent use of color. Great impact. I wish cars would have been in full color. “Ad #2” Exceptional use of two colors. This ad is clean, neat, easy to read and great use of white space. “Ad #3” Nice layout. Easy to read. Cars were not sharp and clear enough.
3.     Vernon Daily Record — “Ad #1” Superior and very professional-looking ad — heading, photo, copy, logo. It has everything. Great job. “Ad #2” Nice idea. Great accomplishment selling all those support ads. “Ad #3” Photos are always a good idea. No address or phone? Logo?
4.     Terrell Tribune — “Ad #1” Didn’t like the art, but I did read the ad. It wasn’t bad. “Ad #2” I love the white space. “Ad #3” Superior effect. Outstanding use of color. Artwork really got my attention.

Division 4, Semiweelies 4,001 or More
1.     The Graham Leader — “Ad #1” Great Morning Star ad! Good background color. Nice balance between graphics and typography. “Ad #2” Great ad for cellular product. Nice touch with the yellow. Excellent use of white space! “Ad #3” Someone used the right move with the set up of the brazosnet ad. Excellent. Congratulations.
2.     Wise County Messenger — “Ad #1” Fantastic photography ad! Great photo and quality use of typography! “Ad #2” Great contractor ad. Good use of photos, balanced! “Ad #3” Great web ad! Well constructed, good use of artwork!
3.     The Irving News — “Ad #1” Outstanding MBA ad. Quality work. Great use of color and typography! “Ad #2” Good Power Peel ad. Good use of graphics! “Ad #3” MBA in sport management great ad! Excellent design. Keep up the great work!
4.     Burleson Star — “Ad #1” The Learitt Homes ad was a great ad. Enjoyed the use of color. “Ad #2” Great work on the city of Burleson ad. “Ad #3” Great idea on real estate ad. Too much info. What were you selling? The salesmen or homes!

Division 5, Semiweeklies 4,000 or Less
1.     Lamesa Press-Reporter — “Firefighter” outstanding ad. This conveys strong emotions in photos. Best ad in the class by far. “Reggies” Very attractive. I would use Reggies based on my impression of ad. Only suggestion would be to use a screened background instead of heavy reverse. “Spooky Specials” Good use of artwork and dominant element. A nice ad.
2.     Perryton Herald — “Operation” This ad was outstanding. Great idea. Great photo. “Perryton Furniture” Very good illustration of the products. Clean, attractive ad. “1. Bank” Good use of spot color. A more dominant headline would have been helpful.
3.     The Brady Standard — “Brady Bank” Nice reproduction. Good ad. Old reliable idea. “Steve’s Meat” Good design elements. Some readers might find the gun offensive, although probably OK in Texas and Nebraska. “Norman Motors” Great layout. Process color on cars is a little fuzzy.
4.     The Clifton Record — “Land Bank” Good rural American scene. Nice design. “Clifton Record” Nice ad. Good photo. Well-designed. Good color. “Gloff Ford” Good design elements in this ad. Process color is nice.
Division 6, Weeklies 3,001 or More
1.     Duncanville Today — “Ad #1” Outstanding color! Very nice ad. Easy to read. Great job Adelle! “Ad #2” nice clean ad. Excellent color. “Ad #3” Great fun photo. Nice use of white space.
2.     Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post — “Ad #1”         Fantastic impact. Yellow always works. “Ad #2”         nice ad. Got my attention. “Ad #3” Very impres-        sive ad. Photos tell the story. I would want to go         to this store, even with very little copy in ad. Nice         job.
3.     Highlands Star/Crosby Courier — “Ad #1” Nice         balance and use of white space. Easy to read. “Ad         #2” Superior impact. Outstanding color. Nice job         “Ad #3” Great idea. Great sales effort.                 Outstanding use of color and white space.
4.     The Azle News — “Ad #1” I like the white space. Nice ad. “Ad #2” A little busy. “Ad #3” Exceptional impact. Great use of color.

Division 7, Weeklies 2,001 to 3,000
1.     The Bridgeport Index — “Hospital” Clean and inviting. Nice use of photos and text. “Clinic” The photos tell the story. “Ad #3” Good PR ad with creative graphics.
2.     Lancaster Today — “Ad #1” Very inclusive but not busy. I am hesitant to put black text over blue however you made it work for you. “Ford” Good clean ad, not cluttered. Complete location directions and phone number. Everything I need to know. “Edward Jones” You provided an excellent service to your customer with this ad. Nice simple touch.
3.     Springtown Epigraph — No comments.
4.     Olney Enterprise — “Ad #1” The photo exemplifies school carnivals. “Ad #2” Nice simple display. Tells it all. “Ad #3” The kids’ Y2K comments carried this entry.

Division 8, Weeklies 1,201 to 2,000
1.     The Albany News — “Ad #1” Original, nice appearance. Grabs your attention. “Ad #2” Good use of artwork and very original. “Ad #3” Pictures really help draw your attention to the advertisement.
2.     County Star-News, Shamrock — “Ad #1” Very good-looking ad. Great layout and appearance. “Ad #2” Good use of artwork and typography. “Ad #3” Wonderful layout. Draws the reader. Attractive.
3.     The Hometown Press, Winnie — “Ad #1” Attractive. Very appropriate type style. Excellent. “Ad #2” Very original. Very attractive. Good use of artwork. “Ad #3” Original. Photo draws you to advertisement. Good layout and typography.
4.     Hansford County Reporter-Statesman — “Ad #1” This was the only Y2K ad. Good-looking. Good use of artwork. “Ad #2” Good use of artwork. Attractive. Jumps right at you. “Ad #3” Good-looking ad that catches the reader. Excellent use of artwork.

Division 9, Weeklies 1,200 or Less
1.     The Eagle Press, Fritch — “Ad #1” Eye-catching color. Lots of faces to attract readers. Looks like a “fun” ad! “Ad #2” Liked the use of a little white space. Model’s smile is focus point. You couldn’t miss this ad. “Ad #3” Although black and white, good use of copy and photo.
2.     The Clarendon Enterprise — “Ad #1” Eye-catching border and good photo with pizza. Good layout overall! “Ad #2” Excellent photo and ad layout. Readers couldn’t miss this ad! “Ad #3” Catchy headline. Attention grabber. Very effective small-space advertisement.
3.     The Taft Tribune — “Ad #1” Nice use of type. Good layout. Clean, elegant feel. “Ad #2” I like the photos and use of white space. Clean look. “Ad #3” Very nice design. Photo border is very good. Nice white space.
4.     Odem-Edroy Times — “Ad #1” Cute photo! Type on top 4H logo makes it a little hard to read copy. Nice overall layout. “Ad #2” Good artwork. Nice overall look to the ad. “Ad #3” Professional-looking ad. Clean look. Just enough white space.